Dr. Forna is an engaging and sought-after speaker who has been featured on CNN International for her work improving the health of women and children around the world. She has captivated and empowered audiences by sharing her experiences as a change-making woman and as a leader in global reproductive and maternal health.

Dr. Fatu Forna

"You must blaze your own path and write your own story.”

ElevateMed Ignite Atlanta Awards, May 2023

Dr. Forna has done Keynote Speeches, Workshops and Grand Rounds for:

Non-Profit Organizations

Universities and Medical Schools

National Medical Conferences

Healthcare Organizations

Women’s Groups

Signature keynote speeches

Penn Medicine Princeton Health, Women’s History Month, March 2021: “BECOMING A WOMAN WHO IS CHANGING THE WORLD.”

“Dr. Fatu Forna is truly a voice for the underrepresented and underserved. Dr. Forna’s commitment to improving healthcare access around the globe is an in an inspiration to all helping professions. Through inspiring anecdotes and self-disclosure, Forna encourages participants to use their voices and be the change that we want to see in the world. On discussing her journey toward becoming a change-making woman, Dr. Forna shared stories of the powerful women who raised her and the tremendous regard she has for resilient women. ‘As a change-maker, you need to find solutions to problems in every situation,’ says Forna. ‘you have to believe in yourself and be fearless.’
“Dr. Forna empowers individuals from all walks of life to identify their passions and create space in their lives to pursue them. “

— Kyle Bonner, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, Penn Medicine Princeton Health

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